Spirals and Yoshi

Ushiro Sankyo really illustrates the dimensions of the spirals. In this video you can see Yoshi being pulled in and pushed out by the pull and push of the spiral. (To see the video you have to hit the title.) … [Read more]

Falling for Kato Sensei

I had a student that was from the Ukraine. Every time that he was uke it looked like he was waiting in a bread line. Jimmy Friedman taught me to love to fall, I never could see what Kato Sensei showed but I was lucky enough to feel it. … [Read more]

How I found Aikido

I started Aikido like I have started most things in my life by accident. I was selling life insurance at the time, and probably was the world’s worst life insurance person. I had arrived early for an appointment in San Francisco near Van Ness and … [Read more]